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Open Texas Scramble - 28.07.18

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

The weather turned out ok for what was going to be a non-starter. Hopefully everyone still enjoyed the day and caught some of the dry weather during the round. Thanks again for coming to Duff House Royal

1st Place

Matthew West Fraserburgh

Nathan Whyte Inverallochy

Neil Heron Inverallochy

Alec Watt Inverallochy

2nd Place

Mark McKay duffhouseroyal

Allan Henderson duffhouseroyal

Cameron CS Sutherland duffhouseroyal

Kevin Peter Sutherland duffhouseroyal

3rd Place

George F West duffhouseroyal

Derek Seivwright duffhouseroyal

Barry G Bertram duffhouseroyal

Gary Mutch duffhouseroyal

4th Place

Colin Sinclair Insch

J Cruickshank Insch

W Mckenzie Murcar links

M Meisenheimer Murcar linkS

5th Place

Jack Simpson duffhouseroyal

Tony Gallon Royal Tarlair

Daniel Simpson Royal Tarlair

Rob Barron Royal Tarlair

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