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Repost from James Calam Pro

Thank you SO much to all who supported our rescheduled Mad March Scramble at Duff House Royal Golf Club - we had an amazing 44 teams participate! The weather wasn’t completely on our side but greatful to get the day in 🌧️

The results are as follows:

1st Scratch - Sean Low, Keilan Turner, John Dalgarno and Allan Whitecross (55)

1st Nett - Victor West, Ben Stephen, Zander Nicol and John Watt (51)

2nd Nett - Robbie Keith, Ryan Bruce, Nicol Ritchie and Sean Murray (52)

3rd Nett - Blair Watt, Ruairi Watt, Finlay Robertson and Michael Birnie (53 BIH)

We also had a Hit and Miss the Green Challenge to win Pro Shop Vouchers. The results were as follows:

Hit the Green - £350 Voucher - Chris Shand

Miss the Green - £150 Voucher - Colin McRobert

Thank you all for your support, it is truly appreciated! Here’s to another great golfing season 👏🏼

*All winners Pro Shop accounts have been creditted with your winnings.

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